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Work Capital Inc.

Expand Your Business Globally.

Work Capital Inc. has bases in Tokyo and Taipei, Taiwan, and provides hands-on consulting to support the Japanese market expansion of overseas companies.
We not only provide incorporation, market research, and business planning for overseas companies entering the Japanese market, but also provide comprehensive "implementation support" as a true partner to our clients by utilizing our extensive local network to provide sales and marketing support.
Beyond short-term project-based support, we enable consistent and long-term business operations and lead our clients to success in the Japanese market thorough decisive actions.

We have conducted over 200 projects, both short and long-term, with overseas companies in fields including IT sectors such as AI and semiconductors, and the life science. By leveraging a diverse network with private companies, financial institutions and experts, we significantly enhance the speed and success rate of our clients' business expansion in Japan.


As a true partner to foreign companies, Work Capital Inc. provides one-stop support for entering the Japanese market. We have successfully led numerous projects, exceeding 200 with foreign companies, especially in the IT and life science fields.
We facilitate smooth business operations with our overseas clients through communication in English and Chinese.


Work Capital Inc. comprehensively supports the expansion of Japanese businesses into overseas markets. Leveraging our extensive experience in both short- and long-term projects support, we execute sales and marketing strategies. Furthermore, we provide one-stop support for clients, including company establishment, complete back-office services, and handling of international trade.

Fields / Case Study

We have included some examples of projects with overseas companies that we can introduce.


Information on media coverage, forum and seminar appearances, etc.

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