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Fields & Case Study

Japan Market Expansion Support



Client: Taiwanese Company
Target Market: Japan
Number of Employees: 50+
Industry: Medical Services
Our Services: Comprehensive long-term support from the launch to the operation of the business in Japan

We received a consultation from a medical institution considering expansion into Japan in the field of advanced medical services and formed a partnership with them in 2018. Our company comprehensively handled everything from market research in Japan, strategy formulation, regulatory research, promotion, recruitment, to customer acquisition.

Within three months of starting the business in Japan, we acquired our first customer, and within five months, we had recovered all the initial investment. The sales and profit of the Japan business have continued to grow, making the Japanese market the largest in terms of revenue among this medical institution’s international operations.
Currently, the business has achieved the number one market share in Japan and is expanding smoothly. Additionally, following the success in the Japanese market, we are now leading the expansion into the South Korean market.



Client: Taiwanese Company
Target Market: Japan
Number of Employees: Over 50
Industry: Regenerative Medicine
Our Services: Market research including regulatory research, strategy formulation, establishment of a research facility in Tokyo

A rapidly growing Taiwanese company in the field of regenerative medicine plans to enter the Japanese market, and our company is executing everything from market research to strategy formulation. Especially in the medical field, we conducted thorough preliminary research on national regulations, identified and understood competitive companies, and listed potential sales targets for post-launch operations.
The final report was issued in both English and Japanese, utilized not only by the client but also for attracting Japanese investors, leading to significant funding from a well-known venture capital firm. Additionally, with the commencement of business in Japan, the establishment of a research lab was necessary, and we also supported its launch in Tokyo. The business in Japan is scheduled to start operations in 2024.

アンカー 1


Client: Japanese company
Target market: Taiwan
Number of employees: 100+
Industry: Processed food
Our services: Implementing everything from strategic planning to sales execution, promotion, and product distribution

- Background
In recent years, matcha has gained worldwide popularity. However, the market has been dominated by low-priced products, and there has been an increase in the supply of matcha manufactured in countries such as Korea and China. Our client, a tea manufacturing company in Shizuoka Prefecture, aimed to differentiate their product by cultivating and producing organic matcha and to target high-priced sales. However, it was difficult to identify the demand for organic matcha and to undertake the business independently due to the existence of branded matcha from Uji, which is also a high-priced product. Therefore, they consulted with our company for overseas expansion.

- Basic Strategy
We conducted a thorough investigation focused specifically on Taiwan's matcha market. This included hearings with local wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants to clarify our target points and formulate a strategy. Considering the high price of the product, we decided not to follow existing wholesale routes but to engage general consumers with a clear story of the product's origin. We also conducted research on local regulations, filed for trademark registration, and performed food inspections, simultaneously preparing the necessary information.

- Main Actions
1. Market research and business plan formulation (establishing an estimated schedule, expenses, sales, and distribution channels)
2. Regulation research, trademark registration application, food inspection
3. Trial sales activities (conducting experimental sales activities before product development and optimizing the PDCA cycle based on feedback)
4. Determination of product concept
5. Design development (creation of logos, packaging, catalogs, etc.)
6. Production of promotional videos
7. Implementation of crowdfunding (obtaining feedback on the product before the official release to make improvements)
8. Establishment of an online sales system (building an e-commerce site for Taiwan)
9. Online promotions (opening social media accounts and implementing optimal promotions and advertisements for each channel)
10. Export and import arrangements (involving partner companies)
11. Logistics setup (establishing a product shipping system)
12. Participation in trade shows (securing business partners, selecting agents)
13. Joint events with business partners (conducting matcha experience events to obtain feedback from general consumers)


IT (Telecommunications)

Client: Japanese company
Target market: Taiwan
Number of employees: 1,000+
Industry: Telecommunications
Our services: Setting up negotiations with the relevant departments of all three major telecommunications companies in Taiwan

We arranged negotiations with the relevant departments and key persons of major Taiwanese telecommunications companies, who provide online streaming content distribution, for a Japanese company considering the expansion of Japanese program content in the Taiwanese market. As collaboration with local telecommunications operators, already involved in content distribution in Taiwan, is indispensable for future business expansion in the region. We were requested to set up negotiations with all three major telecommunications companies.
At the time of the request, the client had already scheduled a visit to Taiwan in two weeks, necessitating the arrangement of local negotiations in Taiwan within a short timeframe. Utilizing our human network in Taiwan, we approached the target departments and, within a week, arranged negotiations with all three companies' relevant departments, including meetings with key persons equivalent to department heads.
Furthermore, on the day, our Taiwan staff provided local interpretation, supporting in-depth discussions that included technical areas. The project is ongoing, and we are contemplating an expansion that includes partnerships between major corporations.



Client: Japanese Company
Target Market: Taiwan
Number of Employees: 100+
Industry: Skincare Cosmetics
Our Services: Market research, regulatory research, product registration for sale, office establishment, online marketing, seminar hosting, ingredient labeling compliance, product import/export

- Background
The domestic sales nearly reached 10 billion JPY, and a corporation was established in Taipei for expansion into Taiwan in 2018. However, there was a lack of adequate strategic planning and implementation for the Taiwan market, leading to stalled progress in the expansion. Following disruptions due to COVID-19 starting in 2020, the company sought our consultation in January 2023 to reattempt entering the Taiwanese market.

- Basic Strategy
Since the expansion that started in 2018 lacked sufficient promotion and sales execution in the Taiwan market, it was necessary to rebuild the business from scratch. Given the detailed regulations for importing and selling cosmetics in Taiwan, we thoroughly verified these regulations and developed an execution scenario concurrently. The client's CEO was actively interested in the Taiwanese market, so initially, we focused on hosting seminars for businesses, limited to Taipei. By conducting seminars once or twice a month for three months before product distribution, we successfully raised product awareness among business operators. At the same time, we progressed with product registration for sale, establishment of an office in Taipei, and online strategies, receiving significant response upon official distribution start and commencing business expansion. Within a year of starting preparations, we succeeded in establishing a regular distribution of the product.

- Main Actions
1. Market research and business plan formulation (establishing an estimated schedule, expenses, sales, and distribution channels)
2. Regulatory research
3. Product registration for sale
4. Sales scenario development
5. Translation of product brochure into Chinese
6. Hosting seminars for business operators (real and online attendee acquisition)
7. Compliance with ingredient display labeling
8. Package regulation compliance (application and approval for recycling marks)
9. Import/export handling (exporting products from Japan, importing in Taiwan)
10. Introducing and pitching to retailers (the two largest drugstore chains in Taiwan)

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