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For Japanese companies

Taiwan Market Expansion Support
(Hands-On Consulting)


Work Capital Inc. provide a one-stop service for everything from preliminary research for expansion into Taiwan, company formation, to back-office operationss such as accounting and human resources management. We also handle everything from bank account openings to work visa and residence permit applications. Particularly for digital companies and professionals, we are an official partner for the special work visa, the Gold Card, enabling a smooth application process.


Work Capital Inc. develops sales strategies for success in Taiwan market and execute sales and marketing using our extensive local network. For physical marketing, we conduct thorough sales activities with local staff and hold seminars in Taiwan.
For online expansion, we manage advertising and social media operations for appropriate targets, as well as e-commerce site operations, including comprehensive product distribution.


Work Capital Inc. handles the export operations essential for overseas expansion. We free our clients from the complexities of trade practices, further reducing logistics costs and speeding up exports. We cater to both trial exports by air and full-scale shipping by sea.

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