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CEO Shota Kikuoka, has been appointed as a mentor for two Taiwanese accelerators, IAPS and SparkLabs Taiwan.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our CEO Shota Kikuoka as a mentor for the two accelerators. He will serve as a mentor for Taiwanese startup companies seeking to enter the Japanese market, aiding in their smooth business deployment in Japan.

IAPS IAPS, established in 2013 under the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, is a high-tech-oriented startup accelerator. National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University is one of the top universities in Taiwan, producing a significant number of engineers for the semiconductor industry, making IAPS the first university-based accelerator in Taiwan. Located in Hsinchu City, home to numerous global semiconductor companies like TSMC, and also having a presence in Taipei Tech Arena in Taipei, IAPS possesses a fund to invest especially in early-stage startups. Through the "Access to Asia Program (A2A)", it not only supports Taiwanese startups in going global but also offers the "Access to Taiwan Program (A2T)" to actively assist foreign companies in entering the Taiwanese market. It has already collaborated with institutions from various countries to support expansions into over 20 countries, continuously expanding its support targets.

SparkLabs Taiwan

SparkLabs Taiwan is an accelerator and venture capital that facilitates everything from investment to global expansion support. SparkLabs Taiwan is a part of the SparkLabs Group — a global network of startup accelerators and venture capital funds originally founded in Silicon Valley. Since 2018, it has invested & accelerated 60+ startups, including Just Kitchen (Taiwan’s largest cloud kitchen) and ParseMe (Fastest B2B enterprise solutions startup exit in Taiwan).


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