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Our CEO delivered a seminar presentation in Taipei, Taiwan.

At the invitation of the Taipei Computer Association, our CEO Shota Kikuoka presented as a speaker.

The seminar targeted company representatives who have already expanded their businesses in the Japanese market and startups planning to enter in the future. Under the theme "Formulating and Executing an Entry Strategy into the Japanese Market,"

Shota specifically explained the process and methods for Taiwanese companies to enter the Japanese market. The latter half of the event included a Q&A session with the participants, where many questions and consultations were received. This led to a lively discussion, and Shota shared various insights based on our company's five years of experience and achievements in supporting Taiwanese businesses.

■ Overview

Date: January 12, 2023 (Thursday), 14:00-16:30

Organizer: Taipei Computer Association

■ Speakers

Duncan Huang (CEO, Yallvend Co., Ltd.)

Yu-Bin Chang (Analyst, ITRI)

Shota Kikuoka (Founder & CEO, Work Capital Inc.)

Ariel Wang (Director, Startup Island TAIWAN)

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