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For Japanese Companies (Expansion into Taiwan)

Sales and Marketing Execution


Work Capital Inc. devise business strategies for success in the Taiwanese market and implement sales and marketing initiatives using our extensive network established locally in Taiwan.

For physical expansion, we frequently hold seminars in Taiwan aimed at enhancing our presence in the market and developing new business connections.

We collaborate not only with local Taiwanese companies but also with government agencies, financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, and various media outlets, utilizing our network for event promotion. Additionally, we employ online promotions for BtoC customer acquisition, efficiently generating sales leads in Taiwan.

Unlike strategic consulting firms that primarily focus on advisory services, our distinct feature is not only in developing marketing strategies but also in deeply engaging in actual sales activities to produce results.

Therefore, we conduct sales activities and local referrals through our rich human network on the ground.

In terms of online expansion, we manage targeted advertising and social media operations, including e-commerce site operations from product listing to shipping, thereby comprehensively supporting product distribution.

Hands-on Business Support

Offline marketing in Taiwan market

Strategic planning

Sales execution

Seminar hosting

Business partnership support

Building strategies based on a thorough understanding of the market.

Local sales development utilizing our network

Hosting seminars locally with online measures

Accelerating business through the establishment of a distributor network and business partnerships

Online Marketing

Online marketing initiatives in the Taiwanese market

Ad management

Social media operations

E-commerce site operations

Webinar hosting

Optimized web advertising operations tailored to products

Implementing social media operations and influencer marketing

E-commerce expansion including local inventory storage and shipping in Taiwan

Approaching Taiwanese customers remotely from Japan

Fields of Operation

Providing execution support services across various fields with a focus on IT and life sciences

IT (AI / Telecommunications / IoT / Semiconductor, etc.)

Life Sciences (Regenerative medicine / Medtech / Medical devices, etc.)



Food / Food Ingredient

Human Resource

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