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CEO Message


"Boldly challenge ourselves in the global market."
"Increase the number of successful companies that expand their business overseas by thoroughly implementing their strategies."

Founded in a single apartment room in 2017, Work Capital Inc. has steadily grown and built numerous wonderful relationships with our client companies. We are committed to supporting companies in expanding their businesses overseas. Recognizing the importance of deep understanding of each country and market, we initially focused on Taiwan as our first market. Since 2018, we have been providing execution support for Taiwanese companies entering the Japanese market.

In 2023, we established a branch in Taipei, not only to support Taiwanese companies entering Japan but also to provide comprehensive support for Japanese companies expanding into Taiwan. We have built a cross-border business structure that can support execution on the ground.

Our network of local partners overseas, our experience of many challenges and successes in overseas businesses, and our ability to execute strategies thoroughly are our assets. Starting from 2024, we are accelerating our expansion into new markets beyond Taiwan, including Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea. In this era of significant global changes, especially with rapid growth in Asia, we fearlessly challenge the world's markets.

I personally experienced during my studies in the United States in 2008 that the world is interconnected. The success that comes from having the courage to take a small step forward. And the next challenge that emerges from there. We consider it our mission to increase the frequency of such loops and make them our source of happiness.

Together with our domestic and international colleagues, we are committed to long-term business creation to connect the world more broadly and deeply.

Shota Kikuoka

Founder & CEO, Work Capital Inc.

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